Join us on the block.

There has been an explosion in the DeFi and Crypto space. We specialize in web3 technology, blockchain deployment and smart contract development. 

Manage with Tenderly

We are proud to be a part of the Tenderly community. Monitor, test and setup custom alerts.

Built on web3

Cryptocurrencies and Dapps all operate on web3 technology. We build custom Dapps that plugin directly to your smart contracts.

Built with OpenZeppelin

Our code is audited and secured with OpenZeppelin. Widely trusted by the blockchain community.

 Standard Pack

Binance operates their own blockchain network that deploys BEP-20 Tokens. We provide our customers with secure, audited and verified Solidity code for your BSC Token. 

Editor’s Pack

The Ethereum blockchain deploys ERC-20 Tokens. These tokens are by far the most popular. We provide secure, audited and verified smart contracts by Open Zeppelin.

Bullet Proof Pack

As always we will develop a secure, audited and verified smart contract on Ethereum. Here at Gozy Mobile, we love taking our tools to the next level. Integrating with Tenderly brings your code management to the next level. 

Smart Contract Portfolio

The great thing about blockchain technology is that data is always available to everyone all the time! Please check out our ever growing list of smart contract deployments on Etherscan and BSCScan. 

Career Plus Token
SImple Rentals Token
Seokinect Web Token